Customer-owned generation – Michigan

Steps summarized below are required by state law to interconnect to our distribution system. Use the Documents section at the bottom of this page for actual state law and associated guidelines.

Step 1: Notification

Your role: Call 800-714-7777 ext. 7700, to inform us that you want to interconnect an electric generating system to our distribution system.

Our role: We provide all materials necessary to complete your interconnection application. All documents, forms and applications also are included in the Documents section on this page.

Step 2: Interconnection application

Your role: Complete and submit the Standard Application Form in Appendix A in the Interconnection Requirements in the Documents section of this page. Provide the required interconnection data and filing fee to us by mailing it to the name and address indicated on the form.

Step 3: Application review

Our role: We send acknowledgement that we received your application within 3 working days. If any portion of the application, interconnection data or filing fee is incomplete or missing, we clearly identify the deficiencies and return the unapproved application to you. Following completion and approval, we add your project to our queue. We complete all of our obligations for interconnection within the time period specified in the Technical Requirements stated in MPSC Electric Interconnection Standards R460.481-R460.489. Time periods and fees vary, depending on project size.

Step 4: Consultation

Our role: We provide up to 2 hours of consultation related to the project’s interconnection to our system. Based on available information, we include a good faith estimate of necessary charges to complete the interconnection, including estimated fees for the interconnection study. At the consultation, we provide you with the Interconnection and Operating Agreement.

Your role: Consult with us, if needed or desired.

Step 5: Interconnection study

Our role: Determine interconnection study parameters and send you an Interconnection Study Agreement.

Your role: Review, sign and return the agreement.

Our role: After receiving your signed agreement, we perform the study to determine the project's impact on our system. We determine if any system modifications are required for safe and reliable interconnection. We inform you of study results and bill you for costs associated with study completion.

Step 6: Interconnection and operating agreement

Your role: Review, sign and return the Interconnection and Operating Agreement provided during the 2-hour consultation.

Step 7: Interconnection design and construction

Our role: After the interconnection study is complete, and we receive the Interconnection and Operating Agreement, we acquire necessary rights-of-way, procure required equipment and design and construct the interconnection facilities. We bill you for our related costs, which will not exceed reasonable, actual costs.

Your role: Review and make payment for our interconnection activities.

Step 8: Installation approval

Your role: Provide us with 5 business days advance written notice of when the project will be ready for inspection, testing and approval.

Our role: We inspect the project to assure conformance to technical requirements stated in MPSC Electric Interconnection Standards R460.481-R460.489. We notify you if any changes or modifications are required to meet the standards. If changes are needed, Step 8 will be repeated upon completion of the changes.

Step 9: Ongoing operations

Role of both parties: Remain current with contact information in event further discussion is necessary. We Energies contact: Sara Grell, energy services consultant, Iron Mountain, MI, 906-779-2469.