Outdoor safety

Please call us immediately if you think you may have an electric or natural gas emergency.

  • Call before you dig
    Whether you want to plant a tree or dig a trench, call the local utility locator service to arrange to have the location of any buried lines marked.
  • Clearance requirements
    Maintain required clearance distances between structures, landscaping projects and any utility facilities or easements on or near your property.
  • Tree planting
    Trees growing close to power lines can cause issues. Follow these guidelines to plant trees to ensure safety and energy efficiency.
  • Landscaping
    A visual guide to acceptable and unacceptable landscaping techniques around utility equipment.
  • Trees and power line safety
    Be aware of what is overhead or underground when working in your yard or on your house. Take these steps to ensure safety.
  • Dam site safety
    Know how to be safe when working or playing near our hydro dams.
  • Vent and meter safety
    During the winter months remember these important tips.
  • Pipeline awareness
    Help prevent pipeline damage and keep our communities safe.