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For safety reasons, most repairs are made during daylight hours. Since lights typically are off during the day, a pole number and precise location description helps us find and repair the correct light. If we have trouble finding the light, we may attempt to contact you using the contact information you provide.

Typically, we complete repair within 72 hours. If repair requires more time, we notify you of the delay.

Identifying light owner

Outdoor lights are owned and maintained by municipalities, property owners and utilities. Before making a report to us, attempt to confirm whether we are the responsible party. Our light poles have a numbered metal tag If a tag is damaged or missing, report the pole's location to us. If the pole is located in the city of Milwaukee, the streetlights or alley lights are likely owned by the city (call 414-286-2489 to report it).

Lights attached to buildings, lights on square poles and lights hanging directly from wires without brackets typically are owned by municipalities, private business or other private parties. We do not service these lights. Contact the municipality or business where the lights are located.