Government road projects

State, county, municipalities and consultants

Road improvement project submittals

We ask all municipalities to provide road project plans and schedules as early as possible to ensure utility relocations can be identified and addressed proactively.

While we realize not all of your potential projects may yet be identified, any advance information you can provide will assist in this effort. Proactive communication will help us meet our goal of relocating and/or upgrading our facilities before municipality road work. Additionally, these proactive communications will reduce impacts to your project schedules, traffic control, new pavement and other assets.

Avoiding additional construction costs

To help all parties involved avoid additional construction costs incurred during underground relocation and/or system upgrade work from December through March, submit plans based on the timelines below. We understand this might not always be possible. We will work with municipalities when relocation deadlines may be in jeopardy.

  • Submit preliminary plans by the end of July to help us meet relocation deadlines scheduled for the first half of the following year. Our goal is to relocate our facilities in the fourth quarter of the year before your project.
  • Submit preliminary plans by the end of October to help us meet relocation deadlines scheduled for the second half of the following year. Our goal is to relocate our facilities in the second quarter of the same year of your project.
  • To avoid conflicts, we may request municipalities, or their surveyors, to identify future facilities in the field before our relocation work.
  • In some cases, we will identify conflicts with our facilities that can be adjusted concurrent with construction. A project representative will notify the municipality when that is the case.


Email your preliminary and final design plans, high-level overviews/designs, resurfacing lists, construction schedules or any other applicable project information to:

Your information will be assigned to a project representative who will contact you as needed.

Project submittal checklist

To ensure your project is processed quickly and efficiently, use this checklist to submit needed information. Checklist

Project identification

Project ID number (if it has one)

Plan description (include locations by street intersections or roads impacted)

Municipality name (town, village, city doing the work)

County name in which the work will be performed

Approximate or anticipated project start date (include year)

Type of work to be performed

Resurface only

Chip seal only

Reconstruction only

Both reconstruction and resurface or chip seal, or any combination

Other (please explain)

Steps after submittal

  • Within seven days, we will send a map of your project area in PDF file format. If you prefer a CAD file, state this preference in the initial submission.
  • We will contact you, if needed, about any project conflicts.
  • Continue to communicate with us about your project(s) at:

Standard timelines

If submitting a meeting notice

  • We will forward any meeting notice to one of our designers who will attend the meeting, if necessary.
  • We appreciate an advance meeting notice of five business days.

If submitting a proposed project for review

  • We immediately assign your project for review if your submittal includes an AutoCAD/Micro station file and project schedule.
  • Plans must be at least 60% complete, including cross-sections, to adequately review for potential conflicts. We will review 30% plans to do an initial review, but we will not send a work plan until we receive 60% plans.

General relocation project timeline

Trans 220

Per Wisconsin Statute 84.063, all utility facility relocations related to Trans 220 state trunk highway improvement projects will follow the timelines outlined in Administrative Rule Trans 220.
WisDOT Guide to Utility Relocation

Non-Trans 220

Within 15 working days
We will respond to the primary contact.

  • If no relocation work is required, you will receive a work plan indicating so.
  • If relocation work is required, we will assign it for specific design. The designers will contact you to provide you with their information.

Within 60 working days
The designer will provide a detailed work plan that includes:

  • All planned relocation information, including unique challenges on your project.
  • Tentative construction schedule information.
    Note: If more time is required to provide a detailed work plan, our designer will discuss it with you.

We Energies construction start date

  • Project schedules will vary, depending on project.
  • Minimum of 75 working days from receiving plans for small impact projects.
  • Minimum of 100 working days from receiving plans for general impact projects.

If you do not receive feedback within 15 business days, contact us.