Our Joint Use Management Group supports all incumbent local exchange carriers and competitive local exchange carriers that want to attach wireline and small cell facilities on our poles.

We review communication attachment proposals to ensure applicable codes and standards are met. Our compliance review applies equally to all carriers without exception. We grant approvals when all required information is received and your engineering shows that your proposed attachments can be installed in accordance with all National Electric Safety Code rules and our company standards.

The links below include an overview presentation that describes the common codes and standards you must meet for compliance, along with expectations for information required in all proposals. The links also include copies of our applicable standards that will be useful in engineering your proposed attachments, template copies of the forms that must be completed, and answers to frequently asked questions that will be helpful as you navigate specific situations.

We are committed to supporting your communication attachment projects on our poles in accordance with the guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission, and we look forward to working with you.

Contact us if you have questions about how to get started with an attachment agreement or about meeting requirements to gain approval for your proposed attachments.


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