Reading your electric meter

AMI technology

A majority of our electric customers have an AMI meter, which provides two-way communication between your meter and our billing systems.

The display on an AMI electric meter changes every six seconds. On the left is a display identifier and on the right is the display segment. The table below shows how to read each column.

sample meter

Display Identifier Display Segment Display Segment Description
888 888888 LCD segment check, all LCD segments should be lit
001/000 614172 We Energies meter number. (Numerals Only)
1 041021 Date is displayed as month/day/year, e.g., April 10, 2021
2 14.45 Time in military standard, e.g., 2:45 p.m.
3 02875 Total kWh consumption
4 01377 Energy consumed during the on-peak time period, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. This is for customers on a TOU rate.
5 007.23 Maximum demand in kW in a fifteen minute interval during the on-peak hours. This is reset to zero after each reading and is recorded for customers on a demand rate.
6 041021 Date of on-peak maximum demand (Month/Day/Year).
7 14.45 Time of on-peak maximum demand (military standard).
89 0179 Program I.D. which identifies the program present in the meter.
GSS ----09 Connection Strength to AMI network, higher numbers means better connection (May not appear during every display cycle).

Reading your billed kWh on an electric meter display

  • Wait for Display Identifier (smaller numbers to the left) to cycle to read “3”
  • Numbers in Display Segment (larger numbers) are the kWh
  • Example below reads: 02875 kWh

Sample meter with reading of 02875 kWh

Estimated readings

There are times when we may be unable to read your meter. At these times, we need to estimate your bill, based on past use and recent weather conditions. Any differences between the estimated reading and your actual use will be accounted for with your next actual meter read.

Customer reading

Registered users can submit a meter reading online. If you have any questions, call 800-242-9137.