Rebates and programs

Take advantage of energy-efficiency rebates and programs for your home. We offer programs in Wisconsin and Michigan.

focus on energy

Wisconsin rebates and programs

We partner with Focus on Energy to offer energy efficiency rebates and programs to help reduce energy use and costs.

Program Take action Summary Investment required
Energy-saving packs Get free energy-saving products Selection of free energy-saving products including LED light bulbs and more No
Online home energy assessment Discover energy savings for your home in minutes Simply answer a few questions about your home and get energy-saving recommendations that make sense for you in 10 minutes or less, for free No
Home energy assessment Improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home Get a home energy assessment to find areas in your home that cause drafts, discomfort and high energy bills, and find rebates to help offset improvement costs Yes
Online marketplace Shop for energy-efficient products Instant discounts on LED lighting, smart thermostats, advanced power strips, water-saving products and limited-time product bundles (free shipping on orders of $49 or more) Yes
Smart thermostats Install a new smart thermostat Up to $50 cash rebate for installing a qualifying smart thermostat Yes
Advanced power strips Eliminate electronic waste Instant incentives when you purchase a qualified advanced power strip Yes
Heating and cooling Upgrade your HVAC systems Cash back rebate when upgrading your heating equipment. Higher incentives available for income-qualified customers Yes
DIY insulation and air sealing Get a hands-on approach to home improvement Rebates for qualified self-installed attic insulation and air sealing Yes
New home certification Find a certified to ensure efficiency Certified Focus on Energy builders ensure new homes are comfortable, combustion safe, energy efficient and durable Yes
Renewable energy Own a renewable energy system Cash back rebate on qualified solar electric installations Yes

Efficiency United

Michigan rebates and programs

We partner with Efficiency United, to offer energy efficiency rebates and programs to reduce energy use and costs.

  • Residential ENERGY STAR® Electric
    Get rebates on the purchase of energy-efficient electric appliances, equipment and products.
  • Residential ENERGY STAR Natural Gas
    Get rebates on the purchase of energy-efficient natural gas appliances, equipment and products.
  • Home Performance
    Earn rebates when you upgrade your HVAC equipment and take an online energy audit to better understand and manage your home’s energy use.
  • Appliance Recycling
    Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer and earn a $50 rebate for each.
  • Energy-Efficiency Assistance
    Free weatherization products and services for eligible limited-income customers.