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Steps to switch to natural gas

  • You determine availability of natural gas at your location by checking our interactive map.
  • You contact us (or call 800-359-8900) so we can confirm availability.
  • You contact multiple heating or plumbing contractors to get cost of new appliances or determine feasibility of converting existing appliances to use natural gas. Focus on Energy’s list of contractors.
  • You complete and return New Service for Existing Building application. Your contractor can assist.
  • We help determine route for underground natural gas service line and location of meter.
  • We give you installation sketch and letter specifying costs, if any.
  • You return signed installation sketch with ready for service card and payment, if applicable.
  • We apply for all permits needed for installation.
  • We schedule service installation – typically 3 weeks from date we get your signed sketch, ready for service card and payment (if applicable) and obtain all permits. Note: service installation timelines depend on environmental impacts, construction requirements and easements. We discuss timeline with you.
  • We request Diggers Hotline to locate all public underground utilities.
  • You mark (using paint or flags) any private facilities such as septic line/field, private well, private electric, underground dog containment, sprinkler system, etc.
  • We install underground natural gas service and meter.
  • You contact your contractor to complete installation of interior natural gas lines, conversion of any equipment and appliances, and obtain local code authority inspections.