Energy service for new construction

New service installation guide

Printable step-by-step installation process and checklist

New service application for single-family home or duplex

  1. Fill out form online and save to your computer.
  2. Send completed form along with certified plat of survey to us one of three ways:
    Mail: We Energies, Central Group, P.O. Box 2046, Milwaukee, WI 53201
    Fax: 800-632-1460

New service application form

Seasonal installation requirements

Additional charges for electric and/or natural gas installations apply from Dec. 1 through March 31 because of poor weather and site conditions. To avoid these charges, we offer two installation options:

  • Option 1: The completed and signed Ready for Service card(s) for electric and/or natural gas service needs to be submitted to We Energies on or before Nov. 1. By submitting the card, you are verifying that all ready for service requirements are met.
  • Option 2: Request your electric and/or natural gas facilities to be scheduled for installation during the weeks following March 31.

Meter location

Installation requirements
Site plan – existing building
Site plan – new service
Electric service and metering manual book 1
Electric service and metering manual book 2
Builders and contractors

Additional services to the premises

Only one service typically is allowed per premises. In certain instances, such as different rate schedules for billing or distances between buildings on the premises, a second service would be required and standard credits would apply. Where the second service is not required we may allow it; however, the full installation cost would be paid by the customer requesting it. Contact your We Energies representative to discuss your situation.

Environmental information

Are you aware of any of the following environmental conditions on your property?

  • Impacts to soil or groundwater related to releases of chemicals or other hazardous substances.
  • Threatened or endangered plant or animal species, or their habitats.
  • Protected wetlands and surface waters.
  • Permits from state or local governments for erosion control, soils management, shoreline protection or storm water management that may have been drawn prior to previous construction, grading or redevelopment activities at the property.
  • Objects that may have cultural or historical significance.

If so, provide related maps, permits, reports, surveys or data to your We Energies representative to minimize delays and increased costs that may occur if unforeseen environmental conditions are found while working.

Marking private underground facilities

You are responsible for marking any privately owned, underground facilities prior to your service installation date. Such facilities include: well, yard lighting, sewer lateral, underground tanks and fuel lines, septic, sprinkler systems, drain tiles and downspouts, future decks, additions, structures or fencing.

Locate and mark any buried obstructions or underground facilities with stakes, spray paint or flags. We Energies and/or its agents will not be held responsible for damage that occurs to customer-owned underground facilities that are not properly located and marked before natural gas/electric service installation.

Coordinating other utility services

We partner with phone and cable service providers to reduce your costs, potential installation conflicts and potential facility damage. When our installation planning is complete, we submit a design sketch and form to the other service providers so they know our schedule and can make appropriate arrangements.

Billing details

If your natural gas and/or electric service account information is in your builder’s name, call 800-242-9137 to have it transferred to your name.