Outdoor lighting

We offer outdoor lighting products for residential, business and municipal customers.

  • Streetlighting: Available to municipalities and other government units within our service area for lighting roadways, alleys and public areas.
  • Area lighting: Available to all other customers for use on private property, such as parking lots or storage yards.

We offer two main categories of lights, based on whether they are installed on new or existing poles.

  • Standard lights: Fixtures installed on our existing wood poles with an affordable up-front charge.
  • Nonstandard lights: Fixtures installed on new poles in areas where an existing utility pole is not present or a more decorative look is desired.

Installation and maintenance

Our crews install and connect lights directly to the distribution system, eliminating the need for expensive service equipment and monthly meter charges. We estimate energy use based on the rated fixture wattage and dusk-to-dawn operation. We include routine maintenance in your monthly rate.


Lighting installation or removal

Report lighting outages

Outdoor lighting has its own outage reporting tool. Lighting repair crews typically respond to reported outages within 72 hours. These crews are not authorized to install or make changes to existing lights; please submit an application in these instances to ensure a timely response to your request.

Report lighting outage

Report power outages

Lighting crews are not able to address electric outages. All emergencies, such as power outages or wires down, should be reported using the link or phone number below.
Report power outage

Cost and billing

We provide installation and monthly charges for customer approval prior to installation. We base monthly charges on estimated lifecycle costs of equipment, installation, maintenance and energy consumed. Costs are consistent from month-to-month for predictable budgeting and are included on monthly energy bills.

Products and pricing

Standard lighting

Streetlighting overview
Area lighting overview
Wisconsin standard LED products
Michigan standard LED products

Nonstandard lighting

Nonstandard overview
Wisconsin nonstandard LED products
Michigan nonstandard LED products

Nonstandard post-top lighting

Wisconsin post-top products
Michigan post-top products

Nonstandard poles and brackets

Wisconsin pole and bracket products
Michigan pole and bracket products

Pricing (rates)


Terms and considerations

All LED lighting agreements have an initial term of 7 years, after which the monthly rate decreases. Removal or other changes requiring a site visit within the initial term will generally incur an associated cost to the customer. We do not offer temporary, seasonal, switched or variably dimmed lighting.

For a rental property, the contract must be signed by the property owner. The owner may choose to make arrangements for a tenant to reimburse the monthly cost, but we cannot directly bill a tenant.
Outdoor lighting considerations
Lighting ordinances
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