Nonstandard lighting

Nonstandard lighting refers to any installation requiring new poles. Nonstandard lighting gives you the most flexibility when selecting a lighting system. Choose from a variety of lights, brackets and poles. You pay a monthly fee for energy, facilities and routine maintenance. Installation costs are paid up front.


Meters are not installed because outdoor lighting is connected directly to the We Energies distribution system. Energy use can be accurately calculated based on the constant wattage and control by photocells.

Lighting cannot be disconnected/reconnected throughout the year.


Lighting contracts and monthly charges are based upon the cost of the equipment, maintenance and energy consumed. Once these variables are determined, you will be billed a flat monthly rate. Installation charges are separate and will be quoted prior to work being done.

If preferred, a separate lighting account can be created for you.

Other considerations

We can increase or decrease the wattage of your light by replacing the luminaire, but there will be an associated cost.

For a rental property, the contract must be signed by the property owner. The owner may choose to make arrangements for a tenant to reimburse the monthly cost, but we cannot directly bill a tenant.