Night Aura services

Prior to installation

If required, Night Aura will calculate anticipated light levels to assure compliance with Illuminating Engineering Society recommendations and local lighting ordinances. Our design ensures proper operating voltage for start-up and operation, and follows all appropriate electrical codes.


We provide all necessary labor, equipment and machinery. High quality, utility-grade materials are installed by trained, certified and insured union members. Digger’s Hotline is used, when needed, to locate underground facilities.


Your monthly cost covers replacement of poles, fixtures and conductors due to premature failure or when damaged by vehicle accidents, weather, dig-ins or other factors.* Planned maintenance is scheduled to minimize nuisance outages.

Cost after installation

Customers have a fixed monthly maintenance fee and energy rates that make budget forecasting easier.

Emergency or outage concerns

Emergency response to hazardous conditions is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We also respond to non-hazardous lighting outages within 72 hours through our one-call reporting system. There is no waiting for a contractor to call back or provide a quote. Monthly maintenance costs cover all labor, equipment, so you avoid unplanned expenses.
Report a Night Aura outage

* We may pursue a claim for some accidents. Vandalism repairs are covered, but repeated vandalism will result in additional charges. We reserve the right to remove poles or fixtures for repeated damage.