Application and planning

Natural gas/electric application for new development

Application form: Print the form, fill it out as completely as possible, and then mail or fax it to us as soon as possible to ensure timely installation of your distribution facilities.
Application form

Plans and survey plats: Send plans, plats and profile to us via email*. Electronic versions of plats of survey are preferred in DGN, DWG, DXF, PDF or CAD format. Include:

  • Drainage, easement, and retention ponds
  • Sewer and storm sewer
  • Water
  • Paved areas
  • Wet lands
  • Buffer zones and preservation areas
  • Topographic lines that establish final grade
  • All other areas and easements that the utility must avoid

* If plans and plats are not available electronically, please send two sets of each to your We Energies representative.

Multi-phase developments: One application is needed for each development phase or for each group of phases being built at one time.

Lead time: Submit application and plans at least 90 days prior to date natural gas or electric facilities are required. This allows time for facility design and layout, obtaining easements and permits, obtaining approvals and payments, and scheduling crews and materials.

Your Gas/Electric Application for New Development is complete when you:

  • Submit a completed, signed Natural Gas/Electric Application for New Development as soon as development information is available.
  • Submit a Plat of Survey and development plans with profile and appropriate layers.

Location of existing facilities

During development planning, contact Diggers Hotline (Wisconsin) or Miss Dig (Michigan) to request a planning locate. Such requests are used to locate existing facilities on the site when excavation is not intended in the near future. You have three options for location response:

  • Field location at job site.
  • Location prints of buried facilities at proposed job site.
  • Markup of existing facilities on requester's drawings.

Contact us if site's existing facilities, such as natural gas or electric lines to an abandoned building, need to be removed or retired. Removal requires a minimum of 10 days.


Invite us to your planning and pre-design meetings and share your development plans as early as possible in the planning state. Inform us as early as you can but at least a week in advance. Notify us of special or unique subdivision control ordinances — both municipal and developer driven.

Inform us about home setback requirements so we can place our electrical equipment — transformers and pedestals — in safe locations.

  • This equipment must be placed on a level site with stable soil conditions in an area away from traffic, which is not affected by snowplowing or piling operations.
  • A minimum three-foot clearance must be maintained around the equipment perimeter for installation and maintenance purposes, and a minimum 8-foot clearance in front of equipment for operating procedures.
  • To minimize energy losses, pad-mounted transformers should be located as close as practical to the load they will serve.

We will attend your planning and pre-design meetings to ensure we understand your needs in designing distribution facilities. We also will provide information on our facilities located near the development.

Joint construction

You are responsible for contacting cable and phone companies to request installation of their facilities. They may have their own application form and connection fees.

Where possible, we will coordinate joint installation of our facilities with other utilities, such as cable and phone. We will send the cable and phone companies preliminary electric design drawings and preliminary electric road crossing designs. Designs become final when the communications companies respond. If they install their facilities with ours, we coordinate installation.

Outdoor lighting

We Energies offers a wide range of outdoor lighting options for your development. You can choose from a variety of decorative fixtures and poles from our Night Aura Outdoor Lighting Program.

Please inform us early in development planning and design stage if you plan street lighting. Advance planning allows more time for lighting designs to be approved by local authorities and for installation to be coordinated with other construction work in the development. In addition, larger quantities and non-standard materials may require up to 12 weeks for delivery from manufacturers.

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