Install lighting controls

Although we know turning off lights is an easy way to save energy, lighting controls can help. Indoor lighting controls that help prevent energy waste include dimmers, occupancy sensors and timers.

Skill level: Advanced
Once installed, lighting controls are an easy way to save energy. When buying dimmers for CFLs, check packaging to make sure the controls and bulbs are compatible.
Cost range: $5-$300
If yours is a home where lights are often left on when not needed, lighting controls can be a worthwhile investment. Plus, they can contribute to your home's lighting aesthetics more than lighting up entire rooms.
Savings: Varies
To maximize cost savings with a dimmer, install task lights where needed and reduce ambient light elsewhere. In addition to occupancy sensors turning off lights when someone leaves a room, they can be used to operate task lighting through motion sensors. Timers save energy by turning off lights and appliances at a predetermined time or after a set period of time.