Lighting tips

Bright ideas in saving energy

Lighting is one of the easiest places to start saving energy in your home. Learn how to reduce your energy bill, while keeping your home comfortable and warmly lit.

Lighting tips Skill level Cost range Savings
Use ENERGY STAR® fixtures and bulbs.
Replace light fixtures or bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified lighting to realize healthy savings.
Basic $5-$7 each Approximately $6 per bulb annually
Install lighting controls.
Save energy without much effort by using indoor lighting controls such as dimmers, occupancy sensors and timers.
Advanced $5-$300 Varies
Use advanced-technology lighting outdoors.
For outdoor lighting, look for ENERGY STAR fixtures that uses motion sensors or photocell technology.
Advanced $15-$4,150 Varies
Use natural light to your advantage.
Use daylight to light your home whenever possible. It not only saves energy, but can lift your spirits.
Basic $0-$200+ Varies