Cost tracking tool application

Business disruption costs

The Power Quality Cost Tracking Tool can help you identify and assess the economic impact power quality problems can have on your business. Use this tool to compare associated costs with the purchase and installation of power quality protection equipment as well as to calculate all of the loss factors associated with a power disturbance.

You can also download a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet of this tool.

Scrap $
Second quality product $
Shop costs $
Materials total $
Lost production
(this facility)
Production delays
(all facilities)
JIT/Delivery penalties $
Production total $
Lost current sales $
Lost future sales $
Lost sales total $
Unproductive time
Number of idled 3mployees
Average hourly wage $
Unproductive labor subtotal $
Recovery time
Number of recovery employees
Average hourly wage $
Recovery labor subtotal $
Labor total $
Repair cost $
Unrepaired damage $
Replacement cost (if needed) $
Equipment total $
Litigation $
Impact on insurance $
Safety issues $
Risk total $
Other total $
Total cost of disturbance $