Power quality

Power quality is important if you rely on equipment and systems that are sensitive to electric disturbances. Power quality disturbances can result in lost time, productivity and revenue. By developing a partnership approach to power quality issues, we can work together to keep your operations running smoothly.

Power disturbances

Power disturbances may occur in our system and equipment or yours. These disturbances can vary in effect, duration and intensity. Some types of equipment, especially if manufactured outside the U.S., can be more sensitive to voltage changes caused by disturbances.

If you experience operational disruptions due to power quality events, take steps to resolve the problem quickly. The first step is to contact us so our team can check the power quality entering your facility. Any problems that are our responsibility will be diagnosed and corrected at no charge to you. Our team also will work with you and your electrician or electric contractor to resolve power quality issues in your system.




  • Purchase and install surge protection, voltage regulation, ride-through systems, etc., to limit effects on equipment if your operations are sensitive to short-term power disturbances
  • Ensure that internal voltage levels are compatible with your equipment and system needs
  • Limit injection of harmonics and radio/TV interference into our distribution system
  • Limit excessive load swings that negatively affect power quality to your facility and/or other customers

A partnership between you, your electric contractor or on-site electrician and us provides the best chance for swift and successful problem resolution. Each member of the partnership has a different perspective and knowledge of certain factors that are helpful during the investigation.

Power quality professionals

When you experience power quality problems after we have verified incoming power quality, you may need the services of qualified professionals:

Electrical contractors: Electricians working for your electrical contractor can typically identify and resolve most power quality problems.

Independent electric testing firms: Specialists use diagnostic equipment to analyze and make recommendations for the most complicated power quality problems. The testing firm recommendation typically is implemented by your electrical contractor, consulting engineer or other electric professional.

Consulting engineers: Engineering firms typically are retained on an individual project basis, and may provide:

  • New installation design or design/build (proactive power quality mitigation)
  • Power quality investigation and resolution recommendations
  • Mitigation equipment installation and implementation project management

Disturbance self-help resources

Power quality training videos

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), an independent non-profit energy research organization, offers several videos on power quality training available to the public.

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