Professional service providers

Call We Energies first

To resolve any power quality problem, first contact We Energies to investigate your power quality problem.

Our service team will determine the quality of the power entering your facility. Any problems that are We Energies' responsibility will be diagnosed and corrected at no charge to you! Our service team also will work with you and your electrician or electrical contractor to resolve other power quality issues you may have.

Power quality diagnosis and resolution

If you are still experiencing problems after We Energies has verified the quality of the incoming power, you may need the services of an electrical professional.

You may have an ongoing relationship with a particular electrical contractor for internal wiring or other electrical services. Electrical contractor staff electricians can typically identify and resolve most of your power quality problems.

What to Look For In Your Power Quality Service Provider

Electrical professionals are happy to discuss their relevant background and experience in providing power quality-related services. Specific topics you might consider in your search include:

  • Depth and breadth of experience providing power quality diagnostic and mitigation services.
  • Training and education in power quality matters.
  • Approach to monitoring. (How many devices? What is monitored? How Long?)
  • Professional licenses and membership in professional associations.
  • Whether or not they are tied exclusively to a particular solutions manufacturer.
  • Approach to developing a business case for investing in a power quality solution.

Advanced training and expertise is also important for more complicated power quality situations. We Energies worked with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) to develop advanced power quality training. The following electrical contractors have completed this training:

Breuer & Fell
Midwest Electric
Carroll Electric
Pieper Electric
Circle Electric
Roman Electric Company
Dave’s Electric, Inc.
Spring City Electric
Dnesco Electric, Inc.
Town & Country
Engler Electric
Uihlein Electric
Good Electric
West Electric, Inc.