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Professional services

Call us first when you need to resolve any power quality problem. We will check the quality of power entering your facility. Any problems that are our responsibility will be diagnosed and corrected at no charge. We also work with you and your electrician or electrical contractor to resolve other power quality issues.

Power quality diagnosis and resolution

If you experience problems after we verify incoming power quality, you may need electrical professionals:

  • Electrical contractors. You may have an ongoing relationship with a particular electrical contractor for internal wiring or other electrical services. Electrical contractor staff electricians typically can identify and resolve most power quality problems.

  • Independent electrical testing firms. Such firms provide specialized staff and diagnostic equipment to analyze and recommend resolution of power quality and other internal electrical problems. The testing firm typically includes engineers who have expertise to handle difficult power quality problems. Their independence from mitigation equipment manufacturers, vendors and related service providers means they provide unbiased evaluations and recommendations. Their recommendation is implemented by your electrical contractor, consulting engineer or other electrical professional.

  • Consulting engineers. Consulting engineering firms typically are retained on an individual project basis and provide:
    • New installation design or design/build (proactive power quality mitigation)
    • Power quality investigation and resolution recommendations
    • Mitigation equipment installation and implementation project management

Electrical professionals have specific roles in helping ensure your internal electrical environment is compatible with your equipment and systems. Capabilities range widely among firms in each category in diagnosing and resolving power quality concerns.

What to look for in a power quality service provider

  • Experience in providing power quality diagnostic and mitigation services.
  • Training and education in power quality matters.
  • Investigation procedure – approach and expectations.
  • Monitoring approach. How many devices? What is monitored? How long?
  • Professional licenses and professional association memberships.
  • Any exclusive ties to a particular solutions manufacturer.
  • Business case development approach for investing in a power quality solution.

Immediate power quality problems

If you are presently experiencing equipment or system disruptions and suspect your facility’s internal electrical environment, call us at 800-714-7777 ext. 7700 to start the resolution process.


Learn more about power compatibility mitigation devices.

Additional resources

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International Electrical Testing Association (NETA) — serves the electrical testing industry by establishing standards, publishing specifications, accrediting testing companies, certifying test technicians, and promoting the professional services of its members.

PowerCET — provides consulting, product testing, education and training programs throughout the United States.

NECA — a trade association representing the electrical contracting industry and provides association information, resource links, contacts and a calender of events.

ABC — offers information on general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and associates who believe in the merit shop form of construction throughout Wisconsin.