Disturbance log

The disturbance log is a valuable tool in solving power quality problems. This log, when combined with power monitoring, is used to compare electric disturbances with disruptions to equipment or processes within your facility.

Kept properly, this disturbance log will contain information that will help determine patterns such as times of day, areas within the facility, and the frequency of the occurrences. It will help determine if the origin of the electrical system disturbance is utility or customer equipment.

The information below should be recorded on the disturbance log:

  1. Date of disturbance
  2. Time of disturbance
  3. Equipment affected
  4. Type of event
  5. Other information including: equipment downtime, recording of simultaneous events and component damage.

Disturbance log sheet

To build a disturbance log for your business, click here for the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Disturbance Log.