Electric Service and Metering Manual Book 1

This manual supplies essential information to customers, contractors, builders, architects, engineers and others concerned with designing and planning electrical installations.

Use this manual's information in conjunction with our Electric Service Rules and Regulations on file with the Wisconsin and Michigan public service commissions. In issuing this manual, we do not relieve the customer or contractor of responsibility for installing the wiring in accordance with the applicable Wisconsin or Michigan state electrical codes, or local ordinances, or for maintaining the wiring and equipment in a safe operating condition. We cannot accept any responsibility for the condition of customer wiring and equipment.

This edition of the Electric Service and Metering Manual supersedes any and all previous editions. The information contained within is general and may not cover all conditions. For new or special cases not specifically covered in this manual, contact the respective service center.

Major changes to Book 1

Section G

  • A note was added that an engineering analysis may be required for high load factor services.

Section U

  • A section was added to U-3 for the size and number of conduits installed per service.
  • The drawing for padmounted transockets was updated to show a more accurate depiction of a typical padmounted transocket.
  • Various notes were updated through the section.

Minor changes to Book 1

Section O

  • Page O-17: Updated from Service to a Cable TV Company to Service to a Telecommunication Company, and various notes were updated on the page.
  • Page O-19: New page added titled Service Termination in a Multi-Position Meter Socket.

Section M

  • Page M-3: Note added that excess service entrance conductor slack shall not be lost in the service entrance equipment.


Book 1 sections

  • G (General) – We Energies phone numbers, general information, secondary voltages and One Call numbers for location of utility facilities.
  • O (Overhead) – Installation details of equipment for overhead services, showing equipment layout, critical dimensions and service drop terminations.
  • U (Underground) – Installation details of equipment for underground services, layout, critical dimensions and terminations.
  • M (Metering) – Information about service equipment wiring, organized by type of service, overhead or underground, 1Ø or 3Ø, and ampacity. Metering sequence to be followed is given after title block. This section references pages in Section D for specific metering installations.
  • Appendix – Choosing the proper meter socket.

Book 2

Meter Mounting Devices – Information about all approved termination and metering equipment, arranged similarly to Section M in Book 1. Only equipment listed in this section should be used.