Electric service and metering manual, book 1

Underground Services – Secondary (PDF 1240k) (all sections)

General Requirements for Underground Service (PDF 12k)

U-2 (PDF 12k)

Names of Parts for Underground Service (PDF 89k)

U-3 (PDF 89k)


Service Termination in a Service Assembly for Mobile Home (1Ø, 120/240 Volts):




U-4 (PDF 44k)


Service Termination in a Meter Pedestal, Direct Buried Lateral (0-320 Amperes) (PDF 81k) (entire section)




U-5 (PDF 42k)


U-6 (PDF 45k)



Service Termination in an Outdoor Meter Socket (0-200 Amperes) (PDF 98k) (entire section)




U-7 (PDF 35k)


U-8 (PDF 69k)



Service Termination in a Multi-Position Meter Socket (1Ø, 120/240 Volts, 0-400 Ampere Bus, 0-200 Amperes per Meter, 2-6 Meters) (PDF 117k) (entire section)




U-9 (PDF 35k)


U-10 (PDF 62k)


U-11 (PDF 32k)



Service Termination in a Free Standing Transocket (PDF 107k) (entire section)




U-12 (PDF 52k)


U-13 (PDF 65k)



Service Termination in an Outdoor Transocket (PDF 133k) (entire section)




U-14 (PDF 69k)


U-15 (PDF 70k)



Service Termination in a Transocket, First Floor Installation (PDF 92k) (entire section)




U-16 (PDF 52k)


U-17 (PDF 50k)



Service Termination in a Termination Compartment (PDF 423k) (entire section)




U-18 & 19 (PDF 93k)


U-20 & 21 (PDF 64k)


U-22 & 23 (PDF 91k)


U-24 (PDF 52k)


U-25 (PDF 54k)


U-26 & 27 (PDF 115k)



Service Termination in a Customer’s Termination Compartment Free Standing Switchgear (3Ø, 2000-4000 Amperes) (PDF 146k) (entire section)




U-28 & 29 (PDF 70k)


U-30 & 31 (PDF 83k)



Policy on Services for Communication Towers (PDF 8k)


U-32 (PDF 8k)

Service Termination in a Multi-Position Meter Socket for Communication Tower (PDF 54k)


U-33 (PDF 54k)