Authorization to proceed

Customer approval process

What we do

  • Send you design plans to review and approve.
  • Send you an owner agent agreement if a natural gas main must be installed on private property.
  • Send you a lighting design to review and approve if you’re installing street lighting.
  • Provide electric and natural gas distribution facilities pricing in separate cost letters.
  • Obtain all permits and easements, and order installation materials, once we receive approved plans.
  • Finalize joint telephone and cable agreements if applicable.

What you do

  • Review and approve design plans.
  • Return a signed sketch approving the route of the electric distribution facilities.
  • Return a signed Grade Certification form indicating that the grade within the development is within four inches of final grade for electric distribution.
  • Verify all information in your cost letter is accurate and fully understood.
  • Complete all necessary easement paperwork.
  • Submit your full payment for the electric and/or natural gas distribution system.
  • Keep us informed of development’s status.
  • Apply for additional services necessary for development (telephone, cable TV, lighting, etc.).