Personal Payment Plan Setup
A personal payment plan allows customers who have a past-due balance to use installment payments to bring their account up to date. To be eligible for a personal payment plan, you must agree to pay your current energy charges (the amount shown on your bill for the most recent billing period), and agree to pay your past-due charges over a period of one, two or three months. In addition, your account must meet the following criteria:
  • You must have an active Wisconsin residential account.
  • Your past due balance is between $150 and $400.
  • The due date on your current bill is more than 5 days away.
  • You are not currently on a payment plan.
  • Is not enrolled in our Automated Pay Plan.
To determine if you qualify for a payment plan, please enter your 10-digit account number and your 5-digit ZIP code.
Account Number:
ZIP Code:
Questions? Call our Telecollections Center at 1-800-842-4565 for assistance.