Telemetering, 120V AC power, phone service requirements

Remote meter reading equipment is required for all transportation service and interruptible sales service customers, as well as certain firm sales service customers.

Your responsibilities

Standardized telemeter installation for each applicable natural gas meter

A daily telemetry charge of $0.20 is assessed if remote meter reading equipment is required. After we receive a signed Service Election document and all signup requirements are met, we schedule installation of the remote telemetry equipment. Our field personnel will contact you at the site to discuss AC power requirements to power this equipment after the telemetry enclosure and wireless unit are installed. If you have any special requirements for our personnel to gain entry into your facility for installation, please call our Wholesale Energy Marketing / Gas Transportation group at 414-221-3194. If maintenance is needed on our equipment after installation, please call our Industrial Billing / Gas Measurement group at 414-221-2333.

120V AC power circuit installation

A 120V AC line must be installed and terminated in the telemetry site enclosure.

Wireless service installation

A wireless communications device is part of the standard telemetry equipment installation. If standard wireless communications service is not available at the meter location, we work with you to establish an alternative phone service that is compatible with the telemetry equipment. We are responsible for ongoing phone service costs.

Contact us when installation is complete

Call our Wholesale Energy Marketing / Gas Transportation group at 414-221-3194 when installation is complete. We will test our telemetry system to ensure that everything is working properly. If not, we troubleshoot and resolve any setup problems. Wireless units and 120V AC power circuit installation should be completed and operational at least 10 business days prior to the start of the new class and/or service arrangement.

Ongoing equipment maintenance

If the 120V AC power ever is found to be inoperative, you must have it repaired as quickly as possible. The natural gas service requires functioning telemetry to measure the hourly and daily natural gas use. You are responsible for notifying our Industrial Billing / Gas Measurement group a 414-221-2333 when repair is completed.