Service equipment responsibility

Storms, accidents or even theft can damage the equipment that provides electric service to your home or business. The diagrams below show three types of electric service installations and designated responsibilities when damage warrants equipment repair or replacement.

customer and We Energies service equipment responsibility

If you find damage to equipment that is our responsibility, call us anytime at 800-242-9137, and we will send a service person to fix the problem.

If the damaged equipment is your responsibility, contact a licensed electrician to make the necessary repairs. Your service will be temporarily disconnected while the work is performed. In some cases, the electrician may need to provide us with an electrical inspection before we can reconnect service.

Sometimes damaged equipment will cause a power outage. Other times it does not interrupt service – at least initially. However, any time you encounter damaged equipment, remember to stay away. You have no way of knowing if the equipment is energized. Stay safe and call us first.