Marketers and brokers

We Energies receives many requests from gas marketers and brokers for information about our customers' energy use. To serve our customers in the best way possible, we fill these requests based on the following standards:

  • Our main objective is to focus on our customers. We believe it's important that every business understand its energy supply options and the associated costs. We also want to deliver needed information as quickly as possible.
  • Other considerations we make include protecting confidential customer information and releasing that information only when the customer has provided written permission. Confidential customer information, including usage information, will only be sent to the customer. This information cannot be sent to a third party. And because it would not be appropriate for other customers to subsidize our response to individual usage requests, we must recover the cost of providing this information.

Forms and information

If you are a customer of We Energies and want to appoint a third party to work with us as your agent, complete a Third-Party Verification Agreement and send it to us. Our records will also reflect the type of information your agent is authorized to receive.

If you are looking for a marketer or broker, our list of energy marketers and brokers may help.

If the agent you choose requests your energy usage information, you as a customer can obtain the data by sending a completed Customer Authorization to Release Gas and/or Electric Usage Information form to We Energies. The usage information will be sent to you to forward to your agent. (It may be helpful to note that typically, usage information is available on your bills. If, however, you don't have a record of your past billing, the information can be requested from We Energies with this form.)

To request Energy Information System access, complete an online request form. Your representative will establish an information account, including a user name and password.

You and your agent may determine that a different type of gas service than you have now would be best for your business. To let We Energies know that you intend to switch gas rates, please complete a Customer Request Form and return the form to us by March 1 to switch rates on the upcoming November 1.

If you or your agent have questions while completing these forms, or when making a usage request, please email our account management-support staff. You can also contact your We Energies representative.