Purdy Elementary School

719 S. Main St.
Fort Atkinson, WI
Operational date
August 2010
19.75-kilowatt solar electric roof-mounted array
Total project cost
$43,000 We Energies
$45,000 Focus on Energy
Estimated savings achieved
$2,660 annually
Energy for Tomorrow participant
25% level
Purdy Elementary unveiled its 19.75-kW solar electric array during a presentation by dignitaries, including Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton. The presentation also included Purdy's Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Certification for its efforts to reduce the school's energy use.
This solar electric system generates about 24,200 kWh of electricity annually and provides about 3.5 percent of the school's annual electrical demand.
About 360 students, early childhood through fifth grade, are enrolled at Purdy Elementary. Along with 65 staff, the entire school participated in some way in increasing energy awareness. Under direction of the facilities manager, Dennis Kuchenmeister, the third, fourth and fifth graders took an active role in energy assessments by measuring building square footage, learning about energy efficient and renewable technologies, counting computers and taking measurements of lighting, temperature, humidity and ventilation requirements.
In addition to the solar electric system, Fort Atkinson School District also is a leader in solar thermal projects for pool heating at their middle school and is planning to install a wind turbine at the high school.