North Shore Presbyterian

4048 N. Bartlett Avenue
Shorewood, Wis.
Operational date
July 2009
5.4-kilowatt roof-mounted solar electric system
Total project cost
$17,545 from We Energies
$13,250 from Focus on Energy
Estimated savings achieved
$795 per year in electricity savings
North Shore Presbyterian is modeling its commitment to environmental stewardship with its photovoltaic system mounted on the church roof. Besides saving energy costs, the system helps reduce CO2 (nearly 11,000 pounds a year) and provides an opportunity to educate members and others about the church’s ecology-based philosophy.
The church has an active Eco-Focus Group that facilitates discussions of movies, energy fairs, Earth Day services, and generally highlights ways to be more sustainable and save earth resources. The solar electric project is another opportunity for the group to promote and educate the congregation and the public about the value of solar electric generation. In addition, the church has reached out to local community and non-profit organizations to promote the project and outcomes.
Contact information
North Shore Presbyterian Church
4048 N. Bartlett Avenue
Shorewood, WI 53211