Village of Marshall Wastewater Treatment Facility

Marshall, Wis.
Operational date
September 2008
7.49 kilowatts total on three dual-axis solar trackers
Total project cost
$36,169 We Energies
$24,266 Focus on Energy
Estimated savings achieved
$1,200 per year in electricity savings
The Village of Marshall is using a solar photovoltaic (PV) system of three tracking arrays to generate electricity at its wastewater treatment plant. One of the first of its kind for using renewable energy in wastewater treatment plants in Wisconsin, if not the nation, the purpose of the project was to demonstrate to village citizens and others the viability of solar power and the Village of Marshall's commitment to the environment and renewable energies. Nancy Lenz, village president when the system was installed, said, "we also want our school district to use this system for educating their students in renewable energy systems and what they can do for our economy and environment."
The community also has access to a website that tracks the PV production over its lifetime. Anyone can look up the electrical production for that day, month, year or entire life of the system. Along with the electrical details on the website, the data monitoring also shows the current wind speed and temperature at the tracking site.
Contact information
Village of Marshall
Public Works Water/Sewer Utility Department
616 W. Karem Drive
P.O. Box 45
Marshall, WI 53559