Madison College - Fort Atkinson

827 Banker Road
Fort Atkinson, WI
Operational date
March 2010
100-kilowatt wind turbine
Total project cost
$100,000 from We Energies
$100,000 from Focus on Energy
Estimated savings achieved
$15,000 per year in electricity savings
Madison College - Fort Atkinson installed the first 100-kilowatt wind turbine in We Energies service area in December 2009. The Northwind turbine has a total height of 155 feet from the base of the tower to blade tip.
Fred Brechlin, architect for the Madison College System, said the turbine produces about 80 percent of the campus' electrical needs, saving roughly $15,000 per year.
Madison College provides technical training and course work to meet needs of employers and employees in the Madison area. The on-site turbine helps to meet the electric needs on campus and provides students with a model of local green energy generation. The wind turbine also stimulates interest and programming in the field of wind technology.
Contact information
Fred Brechlin
Madison College
Department of Facilities Management
Professional Services Manager
Office: 608-246-6837
Fax: 608-246-6331