Lake Country School

Hartland, WI
Operational date
March 2010
15.12-kilowatt roof-mounted photovoltaic system
Total project cost
$38,614 from We Energies
$36,465 from Focus on Energy
Estimated savings achieved
$1,665 per year in electricity savings
Lake Country School’s solar electric system was provides a visible and positive example to students and the community on how their remodeling project reflects the school’s goals of energy efficiency and green principles. In addition, the project is a way to provide an educational opportunity for students to see the direct correlation between energy demand and production.
The school incorporates energy efficiency and renewable energy information into their science curriculum in grades 4 through 8. The production data from the PV array is used as a teaching tool in classes across many grade levels. The difference in the height of the green bars (solar energy production) vs. the orange bars (energy use demand) shows electricity produced by the solar array only provides a small part of the energy used in the building.
Contact information
Lake Country School
1800 Vettelson Road
Hartland, WI 53029