Village of Cascade Wastewater Treatment Plant

N3191 Bates Rd.
Cascade, WI
Operational date
July 2010
Two 100-kilowatt Northwind turbines
Total project cost
Approximately $900,000
$150,000 We Energies
$250,000 Focus on Energy
Estimated savings achieved
Energy for Tomorrow renewable energy participant
25 percent level
The Village of Cascade in Sheboygan County (population 689) installed two 100-kW wind turbines to provide power to its wastewater treatment plant. The project offers affordable services to the community while conveying a progressive example of the benefits of energy independence and the village’s support of the renewable energy movement.
Research on the feasibility of installing a wind energy system at the wastewater treatment facility began in May 2008. A wind site assessment report was completed by a certified wind site assessor with the Focus on Energy program, which determined the site to be a good host for a wind energy system.
The project's two wind turbines were manufactured by Northern Power in Barre, Vermont. The project was justified by the estimated production of the turbines and the grants from Focus on Energy and We Energies. The large amount of electric consumption at the wastewater treatment facility is offset by the electric generated from the wind energy system, which can produce more energy than used by the treatment facility.