Heating tips

Increase your home's heating efficiency

Your furnace is responsible for about 29% of the energy used in your home. There are ways to make yours run more efficiently and minimize energy costs.

Heating tips Skill level Cost range Savings
Change your filter.
Clean air filters keep your furnace running efficiently, and can lower energy use by up to 15%.
Basic $6-$35 Up to 15%
Get preseason tuneups.
Schedule yearly tuneups for your HVAC system to improve its efficiency and life span.
Professional About $100 + parts Up to 10%
Install a programmable thermostat.
Save on your energy bills with a properly programmed thermostat.
Advanced $25-$250 Up to $180 annually
Seal and insulate ducts.
Keep your HVAC ductwork sealed and insulated to improve your system's energy efficiency.
Advanced to professional $2-$3 tape rolls 20%
Install energy-efficient windows.
Install ENERGY STAR® windows to increase your home's energy efficiency.
Professional $150-$500 each + installation $146-$501 annually
Properly seal leaks by weatherstripping.
Weatherstripping is a cost-effective way to save money on energy costs and improve your household's comfort by reducing drafts.
Basic to advanced $50-$350 Up to 20%