Use rechargeable batteries

When purchasing consumer electronics, choose those that use rechargeable batteries, which are more cost-effective than disposable. When disposing of any type of battery or electronic, always read the manufacturer's instructions or check with your city's trash removal department for safe disposal options.

Skill level: Basic
More consumer electronics now use rechargeable batteries, which can reduce landfill waste in addition to being more energy-and cost-efficient.
Cost range: $10-$30
Not only do rechargeable electronics typically cost the same as those with disposable batteries, but you'll save the money you would have spent replacing batteries.
Savings: Up to 35% in electricity while charging
To maximize cost savings when using rechargeable electronics, look into solar chargers or unplug AC chargers from wall outlets when not being used to prevent power draw. Use an ENERGY STAR® certified battery charger and use 35% less energy while charging, compared to conventional chargers.