Be an energy-efficient cook

Smart strategies in the kitchen can save both energy and time. While a microwave uses less energy than range or oven, balance its use with other small appliances, like slow cookers and toaster ovens. When using your oven, preheat only when required, make sure seals are tight and don't open the door while cooking. If you have a gas range, keep the burners clean to ensure efficiency.

Skill level: Basic
It's easy to use a microwave or toaster oven to reheat small portions, and cover pots and pans while cooking on a range or in an oven to keep heat in the food and not in your kitchen.
Cost range: Free
Since most homes have a microwave oven, other small appliances and covered cookware in several sizes, you should be all set to start saving.
Savings: $18-$36 annually
Just by using the right size pot on a burner, you can save about $36 a year if you have an electric range, or $18 a year with a gas stove. And using a microwave to cook small portions can reduce the energy you use for cooking by as much as 80%! Plus, avoiding using your range or oven can save on air conditioning costs in summer.