Power line tree trimming safety

Only our certified line clearance arborists can work near power lines. Neither you nor anyone you contract should attempt this work. Our primary concern is safety. Contact us to determine if it is safe for you or your contractor to remove a tree or part of a tree close to power lines.

Observe 10-foot rule

If you want to remove a tree or any part of it that is closer than 10 feet to a power line, contact us at 800-242-9137.

Notification is required by state law and helps keep you safe. Violators may be subject to fine for negligence.

After you contact us, we will inspect the line at no charge and determine if is safe for you to proceed. If conditions are unsafe, we will assist you to make the conditions safe for you to complete the work.

Making tree work safe

  • Service lines: These wires are designed to be more resistant to tree contact and only need attention if branches prevent the wire from hanging freely. Before you or your contractor trim or remove trees close to service lines (pole-to-home wires), call 800-242-9137 to ask us to turn off power. We turn off electricity temporarily and restore it when your work is complete — at no charge.
  • Primary lines: Primary lines (pole-to-pole wires) cannot be removed from service temporarily because they serve many customers. In these cases, we have Asplundh, our tree trimming contractor, trim your tree only to make it safe. (Example) Once safe, our work stops, and you or your contractor take over. Note: Our make-safe work can generate large amounts of wood and brush. You should plan for handling this material when you take over the remainder of the work. We recommend that our trimming be scheduled in close coordination with yours to minimize the time that the brush and wood remain on your property.
  • Phone and cable lines: Phone and cable companies maintain their lines even when they are on our poles. Contact your phone or cable company for tree conflicts or assistance with phone and cable wires.

Contracting your tree trimming or removal work

We recommend use of professionals for extensive tree trimming and tree removal. When you contract a tree service, check its topping policy and whether the contractor is certified. If the contractor recommends topping, consider getting a second opinion. Check for certification with respective organizations in Wisconsin or International Society of Arboriculture.