Flooding safety


To be safe, always assume that basement flood water is energized. Walking through a wet or flooded basement can be dangerous. Never walk through a flooded basement until the electricity is disconnected. Even a small amount of water on a basement floor can put you at risk for electrocution. While electricity is needed to run the sump pumps and wet-vacs that help remove water from a basement, the risk of electrical shock is high. Safety experts suggest using a generator to power your sump pump or wet/dry vacuum instead. Generators also come with safety concerns, so learn about generator safety before operating one and never run extension cords through water.

Steps to take

  • If your home is flooded, call 800-662-4797 to disconnect power.
  • After disconnection, you may begin clean up activities.
  • Have a certified electrician inspect your system for damage before calling for reconnection.
  • Call us for reconnection: 800-662-4797

Natural gas

Safety features built into many natural gas appliances stop the flow of gas if a pilot light is extinguished; however, safety features might fail, allowing continued gas flow.

Steps to take

  • If you have natural gas service and water rises above meter units or appliances, call 800-261-5325 to shut off service.
  • After disconnection, you may begin clean up activities.
  • Have a qualified heating contractor or plumber check your equipment, including natural gas furnaces and water heaters.
  • Call us for reconnection: 800-261-5325

Note: we do not charge for flood-related disconnects and reconnects.