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Retail rates for energy services are authorized and regulated by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW). Rate information is published and sent with bills once a year. You’ll find a sample bill on our website to help you read and verify your bill. Contact us for:

  • Pricing information to verify the accuracy of your bill.
  • Billing and payment options.
  • Assistance with evaluating your energy use and conservation efforts.

Your payment is considered late if it is not received by the payment due date. When this happens, a late payment charge of 1% of the unpaid balance will be added to the next bill. If you have a question or concern about your bill, contact us before your energy bill is due.

Billing and payment options

We offer several convenient options for billing and payment, including My Account, Automatic Payment and Budget Billing. To pay with a credit or debit card, call 888-823-2943 or visit our website.

Energy assistance

You may be eligible to receive funds to help pay your natural gas or electric heating bill. Contact your county social service agency for information. When difficult circumstances prevent you from paying your bill in full, call us at 800-842-4565 to make a payment arrangement.

Billing terms

2017 Tax Cut-Deferred Tax Credit/Charge

A credit or charge authorized by the PSCW to reflect the impacts of the federal corporate tax reduction resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Base Gas

An estimate of the cost of natural gas per therm established when rates are set by the PSCW.

Bluewater Gas Storage Credit

Pass-through of credit of Bluewater Gas Storage Escrow account to customers in 2023.

Centum cubic feet (CCF)

The volume of natural gas measured by your meter and expressed in units of 100 cubic feet.

Customer Charge

A daily charge that helps cover the fixed costs of providing service to customers. This includes equipment, billing and programs.

Customer Demand (KW)

The greatest amount of electricity supplied to you for any 15- or 60-minute interval, depending on your rate, during the last 12 months.

Degree Days

A measurement that reflects the effects of weather on your heating and cooling needs. Daily degree days are calculated by comparing the average daily temperature to 65°F. More degree days mean more energy is used to heat or cool your home.

Demand (KW)

The greatest amount of electricity supplied to you for any 15- or 60-minute interval during the billing period.


The charge for delivering natural gas from the gate station to your location.

Energy Charge

The cost for the amount of electricity used, measured in kilowatt-hours.

Environmental Control Charge

A charge to cover the cost of environmental trust bonds issued for the environmental control property at the retired Pleasant Prairie Power Plant as ordered by the PSCW.

Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA)

A charge or credit that’s applied when the cost of purchased power and the cost of fuel to generate electricity are higher or lower than what was projected in your electric rates.

Heat Factor Adjustment

The number of units of heat per 100 cubic feet of natural gas.

KWH (kilowatt-hour)

A measurement of electric use that is used to calculate your charges. One kWh will light a 100-watt bulb for 10 hours or a 17-watt LED bulb for 58 hours.

Load Factor Credit

A per-KWH credit for a higher-than-class average load factor during a billing period.

Pressure Factor

A multiplier applied to your usage when standard pressure is not used.

PGA (Purchased Gas Adjustment)

The difference when the actual cost of natural gas is higher or lower than the Base Gas cost. If the cost is more, there will be a PGA charge. If the cost is less, there will be a PGA credit.

State Low-Income Assistance Fee

A fee required by state law that helps fund low-income assistance programs. Funds are sent to the state to administer these programs.


A measurement of the heat energy in natural gas that is used to calculate your charges. For billing, it’s the volume of natural gas in CCF multiplied by the heat factor (BTU).

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