Tree contractors

Keeping safety first

Our primary concern is safety – for you, your customers and our employees. Only our certified line clearance arborists can work near power lines. Do not attempt this yourself.

If you need to remove a tree or any part of it that is close to a power line, please contact us, and we will determine if it safe for you.

Observing 10-foot rule

If you want to remove a tree or any part of it that is closer than 10 feet to a power line, call us at 800-242-9137.

Notification is required by state law and helps keep you safe. Violators may be subject to fine and negligence.

After you contact us, we will inspect the line at no charge and determine if is safe for you to proceed. If conditions are unsafe, we will assist you to make the conditions safe for you to complete the work.

Defining our role

Site Visit: We assign a forester who evaluates the site, considering electric facilities and tree proximity. If we need to assist you, we will contact the property owner to get a signed release prior to any tree work. To ensure enough time for this process, please call at least 10 days before the day you plan to begin work.

Primary Line Clearance: When you plan to remove a tree close to our primary lines, we clear away as much of the tree as necessary for you to complete removal safely. Primary lines are a special concern because they serve entire neighborhoods, carry higher voltage than service lines that go to your house and are more difficult to remove from service.

Service Line Clearance: We do not trim around service lines because it is more efficient to remove a service line while you work on a tree. We schedule appointments for this service at either 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m. or noon Mondays through Fridays, and 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Saturdays. You need separate appointments for multiple work sites. Call as soon as possible to reserve a convenient time.

Telephone and Cable Lines: We do not maintain telephone or cable lines, nor trim trees around them. Please contact the telephone or cable company if you need assistance with their lines.

Brush and Wood Handling: Our reason for lending you assistance is to make the tree safe for you to finish your work. Once enough trimming is done to accomplish this, our work is done. Any wood and brush from our work will be left behind for you to handle when you take over the remaining tree trimming or removal. Please include wood and brush handling in your quote to your customer. We can schedule our work to coordinate with your work so the debris does not remain on your customer's property for an extended time.

Contact us

For service disconnects or assistance, call 800-242-9137.