Meter removal and installation certification

We have policies prohibiting electricians from cutting meter seals and removing meters when performing residential service rewires. The policies were created to keep electricians and homeowners safe.

In certain scenarios, a certified licensed electrician can disconnect a service and remove and reinstall a meter.

The link below opens a training module for an electrician licensed with the State of Wisconsin to gain certification with We Energies for safe meter removal and reinstallation. The certification is acceptable only for work being done in We Energies' southeastern service area (south of Highway 151 and east of Interstate 90).

Use the link below to view the training module. If it opens a file that is not full screen and does not have arrows in the upper right corner, change it to presentation mode by clicking the slide show icon near the lower right corner – or press F5 if you have function keys on your keyboard.

Meter removal and installation certification training module