Design and permits

Preliminary design

If a preliminary design of the distribution system is needed for municipal plat approval, or other development design reasons, we can provide a general layout of the system. The preliminary design could change based on updated or revised development plans, development progress changes or delays, or for internal planning or reliability reasons.

A preliminary design should not be considered the final installation route. The design is based on the current working plat that you or your engineering firm submit to us and is subject to change based on, but not limited to, updates or revisions to the plat, municipality requirements and review of our planning and reliability group.

Any preliminary cost provided at this time is preliminary. A construction loan or lot costs should not be based on this estimate. Final cost for the development will be included with the final development design.

We must receive plat revisions from you or your engineering firm promptly in order to design and plan installation of the proposed distribution system. Installation may be delayed when we receive deferred revisions, which causes design changes affecting us and our joint-use utility partners (local cable TV, internet and phone companies). You also may incur additional costs due to route and easement changes based on the preliminary design.

The final design/sketch, invoice for installation and customer cost letter is mailed to the requestor. The cost letter is valid for 90 days. If that timeframe expires, additional costs related to material and labor rates may be incurred, resulting in submittal of a new cost letter. We require an authorized signature on the sketch to approve the installation route.


We obtain all federal, state and local permits necessary for installing electric and/or natural gas distribution to your development. Obtaining permits typically takes several weeks or more. We are unable to begin work before receiving all permits.