New development checklist

The checklist below describes your steps and our steps for new electric and/or natural gas facilities installation.

Application and planning


  • Submit completed application with plat of survey, CAD file(s) and pdf of the construction plans. Include any existing facilities, such as water/sewer/septic, easements, retention ponds, wetlands, historical sites and any other obstructions.

We Energies

  • Confirm receipt of completed application
  • Designer sends invitation to cable and phone companies for joint trench, if applicable
  • Schedule pre-design meeting prior to design approval
  • Design new service
  • Send cost letter/invoice, design sketch and grade certification

Installation readiness and construction


  • Send payment and signed sketch
  • Prepare building site:
    • Locate other utilities and stake lot corners
  • Clear 15-foot-wide path along the installation route
  • Grade to within 4 inches of final elevation along installation route
  • Maintain site until electric and/or natural gas facilities are installed:
    • Ensure no obstructions are along route (lumber, equipment or soil piles)
  • Maintain grade and send grade verification form

We Energies

  • Apply for permit, as needed
  • Schedule on-site meeting to verify site is ready for installation and to discuss construction schedule and facilities installation process
  • Schedule electric and/or natural gas facilities installation

Potential project delays

  • Incomplete application
  • Customer's required CAD files or construction plans
  • Municipality's design approval (if applicable)
  • Failure to mark underground utilities
  • Lot corners not staked (electric facility installation only)
  • Site conditions or site not ready
  • Rocky terrain
  • Weather
  • Emergency repairs or outages
  • Permitting
  • Environmental or historical considerations
  • Missing easements
  • Road restrictions
  • Redesign required by municipality or at developer's request