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Electric and gas hazards and the first responder kit*

Electric and Gas Hazards

Comprehensive training pamphlet and DVD to respond to electric and gas hazards.

Quantity (Limit 10)

Pamphlet only

Quantity (Limit 100)

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DVD only

Quantity (Limit 10)

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Emergency contact numbers sticker*

Emergency Contact Numbers

Electric and gas emergency contact stickers to place on your phone or computer.

Quantity (Limit 1)

Safety guide*

Safety Guide

Comprehensive guide to safety in and around your home. Good for background knowledge on electrical and natural gas safety.

Quantity (Limit 1)

*Available if you live within We Energies Service Area (PDF)


Test sticks fact sheet

test sticks

Identifies dangers of using test sticks to determine if downed wires are energized.

We Energies service area map

We Energies service area map

Identifies our natural gas and electric service area.

Emergency response - dispatch

We Energies Service Territory

General guidelines, response time factors and dispatch instructions.

Annual emergency response – letter

Contains information for emergency situations.