Business Account Online

Energy management services

Your path to savings starts here — monitor your energy use and explore solutions with these self-guided tools for businesses.

Business Account Online

All business customers

(electric, gas, steam, lighting)

calendarNow with 10+ years of data

  • View and download actual energy use by month
  • Forecast costs by adjusting price and operations
  • Group multiple accounts
  • Receive power outage alerts via email or text

Account Monitor

Mid-size customers in Wisconsin

(CG2, CG3 and CP1 electric rates)
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  • Estimate cost impact of shifting demand or on-/off-peak use
  • Spot energy trends with hourly demand data
  • See how temperature affects your use
  • Receive monthly alerts of percent change in usage and estimated cost

Energy Analysis

Large/industrial customers

(CG2, CG3, CP1, load management and gas transportation rates)
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  • Analyze and track load profile with more than 2 years of meter data
  • Meterlink option closed to new accounts and new installations

Rebates and incentives

Energy efficiency advice