Appliances and electronics tips

Looking for ways to save money on your energy bill?

No cost

electric plugChoose a drying cycle that uses the moisture sensor rather than the timer to save energy and extend clothing life. Moisture sensors monitor laundry dryness and stop the drying when moisture is gone. This saves time and energy costs, and also prevents over drying that may cause clothes to shrink.

Get rid of an extra freezer or fridge you don’t need to save up to $120 per year on your energy bill.

Hang your laundry for air drying to save energy, reduce wrinkles, eliminate static cling and reduce wear on your clothes. Air drying takes even less time now with high-efficiency washers.

Unplug electronic devices that you’re not using – especially when you go on vacation. When you return, plug in items only as you need them.

Use computer and game console power management features. Factory default settings are not always the most efficient – so check settings and adjust if needed. Turn off your computer or game when finished to save even more.

Low cost

power stripUse power strips for your electronic equipment. Many electronics consume energy even when you are not using them. Often called energy vampires, these devices use about $100 of energy a year. Plugging chargers, computers and printers into a power strip lets you turn them off with one switch. Better yet, use a smart power strip. It turns off automatically when devices are not in use.

More ways to save

refrigeratorEnergy Star
Look for the Energy Star label. The most efficient computers, TVs, washers, dryers, kitchen appliances and even fans have the Energy Star label on the box. They save money.

Natural gas
Consider switching to natural gas. Compared to other traditional energy sources, natural gas is the least expensive way to heat your home and water, dry your laundry and cook your food.

Refrigerators and freezers
See if it makes sense to replace your refrigerator or freezer. Efficiency improves each year, so old refrigerators and freezers cost a lot more to operate than newer models. Your old fridge could be using more than twice the energy of a new Energy Star qualified model. Use the Energy Star Refrigerator Retirement Calculator to find out how much you could save.