Electric service and metering manual, book 1

2008-09 edition

The purpose of this manual is to supply essential information to customers, contractors, builders, architects, engineers, and others concerned with the planning of electrical installations.

All information given in this manual is to be used in conjunction with the Company’s Electric Service Rules and Regulations, on file with the Public Service Commissions of Wisconsin and Michigan. In issuing this manual, the Company is in no way relieving the customer or contractor of his or her responsibility to install the wiring in accordance with the applicable Wisconsin or Michigan State Electrical Codes, as well as local ordinances, or to maintain the wiring and equipment in a safe operating condition. The Company cannot accept any responsibility for the condition of the customer’s wiring and equipment.

The information contained herein is general and may not cover all conditions. For new or special cases not specifically covered in this manual, the Company should be consulted.

This edition of the Electric Service and Metering Manual supersedes any and all previous editions.

How to use this manual

This Manual is broken into five main sections. Each section has a Table of Contents and General Requirements that apply to that section.

  • The section you are reading is the G (General) Section, which has the main Table of Contents, phone numbers for We Energies, and provides general information.
  • Sections O & U (Overhead & Underground) provide the installation details of the equipment for overhead and underground services respectively. They show the equipment layout, critical dimensions and service drop or lateral terminations.
  • The M (Metering) Section should then be consulted for the wiring of the service equipment. This is section is organized by type of service, overhead or underground, 1Ø or 3Ø, and ampacity. The metering sequence to be followed is given after the title block. This section references pages in the D Section for that specific metering installation.
  • The D (Devices) Section lists all the approved termination and metering equipment and is arranged similar to the M Section. Only equipment listed in the D Section is to be used.

Major changes to book 1




Phone numbers for contacting company service centers have been updated.


Three Phase, 240 Volt (commonly referred to as grounded B-phase) and 480 Volt, Three Wire services will no longer be offered for new service. We will continue to maintain existing Three Phase, 240 Volt and 480 Volt, Three Wire services at existing locations.


We Energies will no longer provide connectors to electrical contractors for the reconnection of 100 and 200 Ampere, single phase overhead service drops.


O-2, U-2

Bonding to other systems shall not be done on or within a metering enclosure unless a means of bonding, intended for inter-system bonding, is furnished as part of the metering enclosure (PSC 114.099 (C)).

Download the entire Book 1 (PDF 2742k) or click below for individual sections.

General (PDF 76k): (entire Section)

Overhead Services - Secondary
Underground Services - Secondary
Metering - Secondary
Appendix - Choosing The Proper Meter Socket (PDF 50k)
Meter Mounting Devices - Book 2