Value of electricity

You expect safe, reliable electricity 24/7. We Energies is committed to providing that service. We work to ensure our systems are sound and that they can support our communities' growth. We do our part to ensure customers receive a good value for the money they pay for electricity. The fact is, electricity is a good value today.

  • For most customers, about 2% of total household spending goes toward electric bills. This has not changed over time.
  • We spend more annually on items like food, insurance, health care and entertainment.
  • Americans spend almost four times more on equipment and services that use electricity than on the electricity itself.

Consider that the cost of electricity to serve an entire household for one month is about $82. This is nearly the same as the average monthly cable bill, which is about $86.

The monthly cost of electricity for an entire household is about the same as one cable tv bill.

Stable prices

Looking back more than 50 years, electricity prices have increased at a lower rate compared to other services. From 1959-2012, prices increased:

We Energies also implements strategies to help keep electric costs down for customers. One example is purchasing electricity from other utilities or states when it's priced economically. This can help us keep customers' rates down by limiting the need to operate some of our more expensive power plants.