Michigan purchase or sale of residential multi-unit building

Use this form to notify us about the purchase or sale of a multi-unit building so we can update our records.

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Owner agreement options
Indicate responsibility for energy service(s) by selecting one of the following options. (Review Disconnection Rules below prior to making your selection.)

Option 1 — All year agreement
I accept billing responsibility for energy service between tenants. By selecting this option, I will be billed for all energy usage between tenants unless I notify We Energies otherwise.

Option 2 — Lock/disconnect agreement

I do not want to assume billing responsibility between tenants. I request We Energies terminate service to the rental dwelling unit.

Please mail the bills to:
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Mailing address

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Disconnection rules

  • If you choose to have service disconnected and the meter(s) are located inside the building or are otherwise inaccessible, you will
    need to provide access for our metering staff to disconnect the service(s).
  • Under Michigan Public Service Commission Administrative Rule R460.2162(d)(i) for disconnections, we are required to verify that residential premises are vacant before disconnecting service.
  • After each tenant change, we will need your written statement, under oath, that the premises are unoccupied before we can disconnect service.

Please list other Michigan residential properties you own that you would like to include in this agreement:

Property management company information(if applicable)

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