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If a tree has broken and is on or next to electric lines, do not use this form.
Call 800-662-4797 and keep people away.

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Note: All We Energies work must be approved by tree owner.

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Tree is close to, or touching, wires and could cause an outage.
Tree is healthy but a nuisance.
Tree is declining or dying.
Tree owner needs to remove or trim tree, but it may be too close to wires.

Tree type and number
Type of tree(s) (if known)
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Location - as the tree inspector enters property, tree is:
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Facilities affected
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Primary wires (highest from pole to pole)
Transformer (tub on pole)
Secondary wires (wires under transformer)
Electric service (wire from pole to building)
Phone/Cable wires (thick wires lowest on pole)
Note: Some electric wires and equipment is designed to tolerate constant contact with trees. Inspection ensures that contact is within tolerances. Phone and cable wires tolerate constant and severe tree contact. Phone and cable companies rarely trim trees. However, we will inspect for impact on electric lines.

Comments (Notes about where and what the concerns are.)


Distribution lines

Distribution lines
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